Friday, July 26, 2013

Product Junkie-ville: CVS

HEY!  I found a CVS with not only a lot of black/curly hair care product, but a lot of NATURAL black/curly hair care products!  There's about half an isle of products, and the isle is long so half of it contains PLENTY.  In addition, there's even an endcap full of natural hair products, YAY!!!

Here are some pictures:

and East Liberty CVS:

 ***I'll post more from the downtown CVS later...

These are of the large downtown Pittsburgh and East Liberty CVS locations.  Downtown has the most products and end cap (my guestimate, I didn't take any actual measurements or count each different product) but East Liberty has a lot of stuff too.  I haven't found any other CVS pharmacies with quit as many as these, so all locations aren't equally as product-centric.  But you can usually find some good products in any CVS, just not as big a variety as downtown.

Also, if you sign up for the CVS extracare card and make an online CVS account, they send you coupons to use specifically with the card (which is a free discount card).  So right now they sent me a 30% off entire purchase coupon for use with my card, guess what I'm going to buy?  I'm definitely going downtown to get some natural hair products with my 30% off coupon.

There's some CVS codes at Retailmenot and Dealigg, but they seem to just be for online purchases.  I'm not sure how great of a black/curly hair products selection CVS makes available online, but it's worth a look for 30% off.

Friday, July 19, 2013

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August 14 is Wear Your Hair Curly Day!!! Garnia Fructis Go Curly for a Cause

I just found out that Garnia (gotta love the smell of Fructis) has decided to announce a Wear Your Hair Curly Day (caps because to me it's a holiday :-)  All those who pledge to go curly will make Garnia donate more money.

Simply go to Garnia's site, click on Pledge to Go Curly, and you've helped up Garnia's donation for kids to go to rock camp (is that like Camp Rock?)  

No this is not an ad, I'm not being paid***
I'm personally just happy that someone made a Curly Day because I plan on cutting my relaxed ends off and being naturally curly just in time for this August 14, 2013 Wear Your Hair Curly Day. 

See, sometimes you do find good information from clicking on ads, especially at naturally curly's website.  Here's a link to another video about it from naturally curly.

I wonder if they'll give out free curly hair products or announce a natural hair line on that day?  Here's to hoping!


***almost 7 months post relaxer, almost time to big chop...