Friday, December 27, 2013

Quick Style, 2 Week Hair Part 1: Hat Hair, Bump and Twists

I finally did my hair!  I've been wearing various headbands for most of the 5 months that I've been natural and avoiding doing my actual hair.  Since I noticed that I've been getting closer and closer to being able to wear a puff without adding 3 headbands and 10 tons of gel (to keep all short pieces held back), I've been wearing a bump in the front and having the rest pulled back via headband (see my Go To Quick and Easy Hair Style: Pouf Puff).

It's hat season!  And I have made myself a ton of hats (it relieves my stress) so I needed a style that would enable my hair to fit in a hat.  So I basically made cornrows of flat twists and left a front section out so that I can wear my bump.

This is an awesome protective style that will protect your hair from the cold weather, and will give you  2 weeks of cute hair.

Products Used:
  • Water
  • Smooth N Shine Therapy Silk Fusion Repair Oil
  • Smooth N Shine Polisher Keratin Power Duo Hold Taming Cream
  • Comb
  • Clips and Clamps
  • Elastic hair Bands (without metal preferred)

How To:
  • On damp (freshly washed) hair I parted my hair in 4 sections; front, back, left, right
    • The front should be the amount that you want to wear in a front bump
  • Ponytail (or clip) up the back, left, and right sections to keep them out of the way

  • Front Section; spray water (if it is dry), add repair oil and taming cream, comb through
    • Optional;  Use elastic hair bands to wrap front section in a ponytail that wraps along the full length of hair (from as close to the root as possible, to the ends of hair)
    • Use more than one band if necessary (I used 2)
    • This will stretch your hair, so that it will go into a bump easier (if your hair is short)
  • Left Section; take off elastic band (or clip) spray water (if it is dry), add repair oil and taming cream, comb through
    • Part the section in half, so that you can make two flat twists with the section
    • Hold the half you aren't working with out of the way with clips

    • Make your first flat twist back, be sure to twist the end of the flat twist (to avoid frizz)
    • Take clips off of second half of the section
    • Make a second flat twist
  • Repeat the steps of the left side, for the back and right sides (2 flat twists in each area)
  • You should have a total of 6 flat twists and a banded front section

Why is Duck Dynasty on my TV?
  • Next Day;  take bands off front section of hair (hair is stretched in place)
  • Make a bump (I made two bumps), bobby pin in place
  • Add a hat behind the bump, bobby pin in place
  • Done!

Part neatness and perfect twisting don't really matter because most of the twists are covered.  Use a moisturizing spray and satin scarf nightly (it helps slick back the hair).  Twists can last a week, bump needs redone every couple of days (unless you use a super hold gel).  Easy!

Part 2, Week 2 coming soon.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Go To Quick and Easy Hair Style: Pouf Puff

I probably said this before, but I don't like wearing my hair just out.  I didn't like it out when it was relaxed, and I don't like it out in an afro.  So I've been wearing headbands, which if thick and tight enough (because my hair is short), pulls my hair back out of my face enough to where it's not looking like a definite afro circling my face.

Now that my hair is a few months longer, I am able to do a little more (in terms of styling) in order to pull my hair back out of my face area.  My new go to style is a pouf puff.

I pick up some hair on top of my head, make a pouf, and bobby pin it in place.

Next, I brush back my left and right side, and pin them in place.

Then, I put on a headband or head wrap, to bring the afro puff down a notch or two.


If you use gel to do your hair and scarf your hair up at night, the front pouf will stay good for days.  Just add a headband and fluff the back puff daily.

Look, I'm Psy with a pouf puff! Oppa Gangnam Style!!!