Friday, December 27, 2013

Quick Style, 2 Week Hair Part 1: Hat Hair, Bump and Twists

I finally did my hair!  I've been wearing various headbands for most of the 5 months that I've been natural and avoiding doing my actual hair.  Since I noticed that I've been getting closer and closer to being able to wear a puff without adding 3 headbands and 10 tons of gel (to keep all short pieces held back), I've been wearing a bump in the front and having the rest pulled back via headband (see my Go To Quick and Easy Hair Style: Pouf Puff).

It's hat season!  And I have made myself a ton of hats (it relieves my stress) so I needed a style that would enable my hair to fit in a hat.  So I basically made cornrows of flat twists and left a front section out so that I can wear my bump.

This is an awesome protective style that will protect your hair from the cold weather, and will give you  2 weeks of cute hair.

Products Used:
  • Water
  • Smooth N Shine Therapy Silk Fusion Repair Oil
  • Smooth N Shine Polisher Keratin Power Duo Hold Taming Cream
  • Comb
  • Clips and Clamps
  • Elastic hair Bands (without metal preferred)

How To:
  • On damp (freshly washed) hair I parted my hair in 4 sections; front, back, left, right
    • The front should be the amount that you want to wear in a front bump
  • Ponytail (or clip) up the back, left, and right sections to keep them out of the way

  • Front Section; spray water (if it is dry), add repair oil and taming cream, comb through
    • Optional;  Use elastic hair bands to wrap front section in a ponytail that wraps along the full length of hair (from as close to the root as possible, to the ends of hair)
    • Use more than one band if necessary (I used 2)
    • This will stretch your hair, so that it will go into a bump easier (if your hair is short)
  • Left Section; take off elastic band (or clip) spray water (if it is dry), add repair oil and taming cream, comb through
    • Part the section in half, so that you can make two flat twists with the section
    • Hold the half you aren't working with out of the way with clips

    • Make your first flat twist back, be sure to twist the end of the flat twist (to avoid frizz)
    • Take clips off of second half of the section
    • Make a second flat twist
  • Repeat the steps of the left side, for the back and right sides (2 flat twists in each area)
  • You should have a total of 6 flat twists and a banded front section

Why is Duck Dynasty on my TV?
  • Next Day;  take bands off front section of hair (hair is stretched in place)
  • Make a bump (I made two bumps), bobby pin in place
  • Add a hat behind the bump, bobby pin in place
  • Done!

Part neatness and perfect twisting don't really matter because most of the twists are covered.  Use a moisturizing spray and satin scarf nightly (it helps slick back the hair).  Twists can last a week, bump needs redone every couple of days (unless you use a super hold gel).  Easy!

Part 2, Week 2 coming soon.

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