Friday, December 13, 2013

Go To Quick and Easy Hair Style: Pouf Puff

I probably said this before, but I don't like wearing my hair just out.  I didn't like it out when it was relaxed, and I don't like it out in an afro.  So I've been wearing headbands, which if thick and tight enough (because my hair is short), pulls my hair back out of my face enough to where it's not looking like a definite afro circling my face.

Now that my hair is a few months longer, I am able to do a little more (in terms of styling) in order to pull my hair back out of my face area.  My new go to style is a pouf puff.

I pick up some hair on top of my head, make a pouf, and bobby pin it in place.

Next, I brush back my left and right side, and pin them in place.

Then, I put on a headband or head wrap, to bring the afro puff down a notch or two.


If you use gel to do your hair and scarf your hair up at night, the front pouf will stay good for days.  Just add a headband and fluff the back puff daily.

Look, I'm Psy with a pouf puff! Oppa Gangnam Style!!!

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