Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick Style, 2 Week Hair Part 2: Flat Twist Out

Remember the hair style that enables big hair to fit under a hat?  Quick Style, 2 Week Hair Part 1: Hat Hair, Bump and Twists.  Well after a week the twists start looking a little rugged.  Instead of simply taking out the twists and doing a whole new style, use the twists for a twist out!

The night before, make the front section (that was previously used for a bump) into two flat twists (recall the directions for the left section of hair in part 1).  The next day, take all the twists out and you have a flat twist out that looks nice and twisty!

It really does stay twisted enough to look cute all week without the need to rewash/style!

Day 1

Curls are pretty well defined, especially at the roots.  As you can see, more fluffing and separating is needed on the side so the parts from the flat twists aren't so visible.

Day 2 hair

I brushed my hair back so it looks slicker in the front and still curly in the back.  Made sure I got rid of the parts this time.

As the days go by, and the look gets less and less defined, I pull my hair into a further back puff.  Even with less defined curls, the hair is still clumped together in a dread type curl pattern and stretched more than naturally, so I think it's cute.

Day 5 hair


See, the twist out really lasted a week!

I did my twa version of a pineapple every night.  Use a satin band around your edges to slick them back (or fold a square satin scarf into a band and tie it around) leaving your ends free while you sleep (on a satin pillowcase of course).  That way the curls don't get too smooshed and last longer.

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