Friday, January 24, 2014

Hair News, Ariana Grande Wears Extensions!

Ariana Grande Explains Hair Extensions: Natural Hair Looks "Absolutely Ratchet", is the title of a US Magazine article.  I love Ariana even more now 1. for being so honest 2. for saying the word ratchet.  Ratchet just makes things funnier.

Ariana Grande at the Y100?s Jingle Ball 2013  on Dec. 20, 2013
In the article, she basically says that due to all of the chemical coloring and hot tools that have been used, her natural hair a hot mess.  Therefore, she had to try other options in order to make her hair look good.  Wigs didn't look good on her (in her own opinion), but she likes the look of extensions, so she is sticking with it.  

In her role on Victorious as Cat (she was my favorite) she bleached her hair in order to dye it red, which basically killed her hair (although the color was FAB)!
I think most of us know by now that all races (not just black people) wear weave/extensions/clip ins/ hair pieces or whatever else you want to call them, so this admission is not a big shock.  It's a little bit interesting that she openly admits to the extensions though, because not everyone does that.  But it's seriously ridiculous that Ariana Grande is actually being hated on for wearing weave!  REALLY?  Who cares?  What's it to you (haters)?  Grow up!  

Ariana Grande's hair is seriously a big deal right now. There are articles on the E! News page, in the Huffington Post, the Fashion Times, Just Jared, and many other websites.

There is even an article titled Ariana Grande Fires Back at Hair Haters, Explains New Weave: "Gimme a Break", on the Cambio website, so she obviously has gotten many hair complaints... STOP IT!  

Ariana Grande is awesome, let's not try to pick on her for such stupid reason as her hair choices.  What exactly is the problem with how she wears her hair?  Is it harming someone? Please calm down, haters.  It's just hair, she can do what she wants.

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