Friday, February 21, 2014

Hairstyle: Puff, High Ponytail

It has been a little over a year since I last relaxed my hair (6 months wearing it natural).  I figured it was time for the moment of truth.  I should try to put my hair into a puff, see how close I am to reaching my goal length.  Puff length has been my goal length because I hate wearing my hair out and a puff is good enough for me in terms as pulling my hair back.  Guess what?  I can do it!  My hair fits into a puff!

Actually my hair goes into a puff much better than I expected.  As long as my hair doesn't resist being stretched I don't even need to worry about clipping up stray pieces!  I probably could have started wearing a puff 2 month ago (but using clips).

To get my hair into a puff I tie my hair up into an almost puff, kind of pineapple the night before.  I use a wrap (made from the leg of tights that I cut) tie it loosely around my head starting at the very very edge.  I then gradually tighten the knot as I pull the wrap into a high ponytail (pineapple).  This stretches and prepares the hair it to sit in puff position.  It also helps keep the un-puffed part smooth.  Then I put an additional satin scarf around my edges to keep them smooth as well.  I leave the puff part out to keep it from getting too smashed.

Then to make the puff I can simply take off the night scarves and wrap a more decorative one around the puff, and tighten as much as I want to (without going so tight that pieces start falling out of the puff).  If you're hair isn't as smooth as you'd want (like on days 2+), I add water (or some liquid hair product) and pudding or gel, brush the hair towards the puff, and then put the wrap around it.  I mostly used thin scarves to wrap but ribbon and even shoe laces also work well.  The key is to use something long enough to wrap around and least twice so that everything is contained, and you can pull as tight as you choose to (careful not to give yourself a headache) and then tie it.  I often tied it into a bow, but sometime just a knot.  You can also choose to tuck in the leftover pieces from the tie.  And don't forget to fluff your puff.  Obviously the style is called a puff, so you want it puffy!  I usually simply fluffed it with my hands.

*I prefer to put in whatever hair products that I'm using (pudding or gel work best to keep the puff in place) in my hair the night before, that way it will dry in place by the time I get up and make the scarf switch even easier.

But that's it!  I'm now "ruff and stuff with my afro puff, hey!"

 I was using the products in this post, Review: Lustrasilk Curl Max Products when I wore the silver scarf below.

The eyeshadow look in the picture below is from the palette I swatched here,
Urban Decay Naked 2 - Like Eyeshadow Palette Only $10, Swatches and Review
and did a tutorial on how to get the look here, Nude Plum Eyeshadow Tutorial.


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