Friday, March 21, 2014

I Bought Curl formers!!!

So I just bought some curl formers :-)  I have been interested in them, mainly in how they work because they are definitely more weird than any other typical hair curling device.  But I decided to look them up on Amazon and found them for a steal!  40 curl formers for $14!!!  I don't know the pricing well on these things, but from what I could see from my quick internet search and a quick comparison of different eBay and Amazon sellers, this was the best deal ever.  Others were selling 24 pieces for $12 (half the amount for only $2 less), or 10 pieces for $7 (7x4= $28, so more expensive).  I bought 2 packs of 40 from the seller TSSS because a reviewer said that she needed 70 for her head, and to be safe that the seller won't run out or raise the price.

In case you don't know much about curl formers, this is the description from the TSSS Amazon seller's product page (uncorrected);

Product Name: TSSS Hair Curler Magic Spiral Ringlets Former Leverage Stretched Length 50CM Circle Roller Pack of 40

Product Description:
Using these rollers/curlers is a simple way to lift up your hair and full of beautiful curls/waves, even if the hair you were born in straight. You will roll your hair quickly and easily to achieve movie star like hair style.
Easy and fast to change your hairstyle for urgent party and occasions
Rapid hair rollers create curly sexy hair style in minutes
Super wide opening curlers for big size curls and thick hair base
DIY at home and save money and time spending at the salon
No chemical damage effect
High temperature resistant and washable
Operation Steps:
Control the hair at 60%-70% of humidity of the zone.
Make stick according to the shape that your want.
Count the stick with cirde that you want
Select the stick flow direction of veins
Select the stick according to the different flowered shape size
Select the liquid medicine adn the time according to the hair
Colding perm time: Healthy hair 15-25mins, Damaged hair 8-15mins.
Hotting perm time: Healthy hair 8-15mins, Damaged hair 5-10mins.
Wash and clean the hair.
Dry the hair with towel after then fix the shape 8-15 mins.
Remove the stick, washing hair and styling hair.
Color: Pink+Yellow
I have only seen 1 video of the process, by my hair idol, Youtuber Naptural85.  I watched it long ago so I don't remember what she did, but by the looks of it it seems like you stretch the curl tubes, and use the included hook to put your hair through.  Then you just let the tube close and curl, molding your hair in the spirally shape of the tube.  The hook part seems a bit complicated, but I'm hoping that being a crocheter will work to my advantage in this aspect.  We shall see.

Anyways, I will be sure to post my attempt in the future.  Until then, here is the video I watched.

So I just rewatched this video and the brand name curl formers were $70 for a pack of 40!  So this is much MUCH cheaper.  Hopefully they will work just as well,  I will keep you posted.

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